About Us

Your outsourced sales and marketing services provider.

Our Story

Krista founded Moon Marketing after a 12-year stint in sales, actively cold calling on prospects and building new territories in a variety of industries. Her philosophy for building a sales pipeline evolved from hitting the phones, which was proving ineffective as buyers became more empowered by the information available online, to creating strategically planned account entry campaigns. At that time most of the organizations she worked for didn't have any kind of lead nurturing content to support the sales process, so she found herself producing marketing content at nights and on weekends.

When she came across the concept of inbound marketing in 2009, it aligned so perfectly with her sales philosophy that she decided to switch gears.Moon Marketing was born in 2010 with the goal of helping organizations align marketing and sales to make it as easy as possible for sellers to sell, buyers to buy, and business leaders to lead.

And we've been providing outsourced sales and marketing services ever since! If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we can help you close more deals, faster, contact us.

The Rules We Play By

We have specialized expertise available to fill resource and skills gaps or step in as your complete outsourced marketing team.

Our Approach

  • Relationships: Form deep and long-lasting partnerships with our customers after careful consideration on both sides.
  • Business Strategy: Continually probe our customers to hone in on key components of their business. These strategic conversations ensure we're focusing on the right activities at the right time and are effectively articulating their true value in the industry.
  • Return on Investment: Implement secure, highly functionable technological solutions that help companies make data driven decisions and maximize return on marketing investment over time.
  • The Truth: Some consultants tell you what you want to hear, we tell it like it is. We confront the brutal facts of reality so we can help our customers move beyond the issues holding them back.
  • Transparency: Our customers have full access to what we're doing, how much time it takes, and how much it costs at all times. Any assets we develop for our customers are theirs outright.

Core Values

  • Driven by Curiosity: Rapid learner that is constantly searching for a deeper level of understanding. Always looking for more effective strategies and processes.
  • Open-Minded: Not afraid to try something new. Seriously considers all points of view before taking action.
  • Scientific: Bases ideas on careful and rational examination of the facts. Utilizes well developed analytical skills to create and test hypotheses, choosing the best course of action based on solid data.
  • Strives for Perfection: Pays extreme attention to details. Puts maximum effort into every aspect of the job. Embraces constructive criticism and has a deep desire for constant improvement.
  • Invested: Combines personal humility with a genuine passion for the success of the company and clients. Takes ownership and responsibility for decisions, actions, and results.

Core Competencies and Ideal Customer Profile

Ideal Customer Profile: B2B companies looking to accelerate growth using modern marketing techniques, but lack the skills or resources required to accomplish their objectives. We have customers scattered around the United States. Virtual online meeting tools allow us to successfully work with companies no matter where they are. And minimal or no travel gives us more time for high value strategic activities.

Skills: Strategic Planning, Competitor Analysis, Analytics and Reports, Website Design and User Experience, Web Programming, Brand and Messaging, Sales and Marketing Content, Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Email Marketing, Social Media, Campaigns/Landing Pages, Paid Advertising, Graphic Design, Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, CRM/Database, Lead Management, Marketing Automation, Sales and Marketing Alignment, Sales Process, Sales Playbooks, Sales Enablement, Project Management, Sales and Marketing Technology

What Our Customers Say

“They always make me look good!”

“They always make me look good!”

Moon Marketing has helped us tremendously with our Sales and Marketing efforts. They are an integral part of our team. They always have fresh ideas and a great strategic vision. They have helped us with numerous projects like inbound marketing, refreshing our website, and integrating our CRM (SalesForce) with HubSpot. Our SalesForce data is the cleanest it’s ever been. Kevin is the only person I want touching our SalesForce. I would highly recommend Moon Marketing to anyone looking for a HubSpot partner. They are smart, responsive, easy to work with and always make me look good! ~ Nicole Hlinovsky, Caveo Learning, Project Manager

“Competent and easy to work with.”

“Competent and easy to work with.”

Moon Marketing has helped us build and manage a comprehensive inbound marketing program from a standing start into an effective and productive program that is now built into our marketing DNA. Krista Moon and her team have been extraordinarily effective and competent while also being super easy to work with. Their client service at all hours has been exceptional. They have truly become an integral part of our Arlington Healthcare Group team. I highly recommend that anyone looking for an inbound marketing partner call Moon Marketing. ~ Scott Pickens, Arlington Healthcare, Managing Director

“Quality Work and professional.”

“Quality Work and professional.”

Starting my new venture was quite stressful and overwhelming at times. Moon Marketing has tremendously reduced my stress. They have given me peace of mind, which is priceless. It is so refreshing to work with a company who truly cares about their customers. Quality Work, Accommodating, and Professional, are some of the attributes exhibited from Moon Marketing. Although it is evident that they are skilled in their craft by providing a quality services, their leader has integrity and a positive humble spirit. Thank you Moon Marketing. I am so happy I found you! ~ Terri Brinston, My School Nurse

“Went above and beyond to help me.”

“Went above and beyond to help me.”

Krista and her team went above and beyond to help me envision what I need to do to meet my business growth goals. I was impressed with the plan and am looking forward to building a following, increase sales leads, and getting more qualified sales meetings in the coming year! ~ Alison Heller-Ono, President and CEO, Worksite International, Inc.