Business Growth Action Plan

Get a fresh perspective and expert recommendations on trending strategies that attract, engage, convert, and delight your target buyers.

Plans that Get Results

We'll review your current approach and provide objective analysis, data, reports, insights, and recommendations to help you:

  • Prioritize marketing activities that drive the highest ROI
  • Quickly uncover problems and opportunities for growth
  • Realign marketing activities with goals
  • Discover new ideas and trending strategies
  • Invest your marketing budget wisely

Use our recommended action plan to quickly and confidently implement sales and marketing initiatives that deliver the best results. 

The Process

Here are the requirements to receive your free business growth action plan.

Schedule Intro Meeting

Schedule Intro Meeting

Schedule a 1 hour meeting to review your current state, where challenges are, and if it makes sense to move forward. 

Submit Analysis Survey

Submit Analysis Survey

We need to learn more about you to do the analysis.  The survey can be done before, during, or after the intro call.

Provide Access to Data

Provide Access to Data

Provide access to reporting tools and technology so we can evaluate your current processes and data. 

Schedule Review Meeting

Schedule Review Meeting

Schedule a 1 hour meeting to review our findings, recommendations, and budget projections. 

The Deliverables

Define and prioritize your growth goals, tactics, and budget, and outline a plan to improve marketing profitability and cost-effectiveness.

Available Plan Types

  • Full-Scale: We plan everything.
  • Targeted: We only plan specific areas.

Plan Deliverables

  • Data Collection
  • Reports
  • Analysis and Insights
  • Recommended Action Steps

Plan Overview

  • Goals and Key Performance Indicators
  • Marketing Tactics and Processes
  • Sales Tactics and Processes
  • Technology and Tools
  • Resources and Budget

Typical Areas of Review

  • Customers and Competition
  • Website Design and User Experience
  • Brand and Messaging
  • Sales and Marketing Content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Campaigns/Landing Pages
  • Paid Advertising
  • Outbound tactics
  • CRM/Database
  • Lead Management
  • Technology
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment

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*The free action plan may be limited in scope, depending on the size of the organization and complexity of the current approach. A quote to complete a comprehensive marketing action plan can be provided if warranted.