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#1 LinkedIn Mistake Most People Make That Destroys Sales Opportunities

Posted by Krista Moon on February 15, 2018

I recently needed to source a graphic designer for my company, so the first place I turned to was LinkedIn. I wanted to find out who in my network was a freelancer or owned a design company that could potentially help me. It just makes sense that I would turn to LinkedIn before doing a random Google search. After all, I’d rather do business with someone from my network than a complete stranger.


Sales and Marketing Processes That'll Make Your Business Great Again

Posted by Krista Moon on February 8, 2018

When I first started doing marketing and lead generation, I used to worry about being able to drive leads for my clients. I've since learned that that's the easy part! As long as I'm doing enough activity, like blogging, email marketing, and social media, I'll get people to the website. And if I'm creating the right content, I'll be driving the right people to the site. Cool! Job done, right? Wrong.


3 Tips for Creating a Strategic Prospecting Plan

Posted by Krista Moon on January 30, 2018

Getting sales meetings with new prospects is not easy. They have no idea who you are, are overwhelmed with work, can't imagine taking on another project, and are happy with the status quo. It takes tremendous effort to get prospects to understand the benefit of making a change, and then getting them to actually move forward with a new idea.


3 Reasons Why People Unsubscribe From Emails

Posted by Krista Moon on January 25, 2018

When I talk to business owners (and some marketers) about email marketing, the first thing they say is "I don't want to send too much email to my list. I just want to do once a quarter, or once a month."People are very protective of their inbox. They're already overloaded with work and overwhelmed with the amount of information flowing their way.


Email Attrition Happens, but It's Not All Bad

Posted by Krista Moon on January 23, 2018

There's no denying it: every time you send an email newsletter to your list, the number of subscribers you have goes down. In the world of email marketing, we call it your email attrition. You can't prevent email attrition; it's going to happen no matter what you do. Typically, companies lose approximately 25% of their email list every year. On the surface, that sounds pretty bad! But it's actually not.


Choosing the Right Fonts: Understanding Typography Basics [Infographic]

Posted by Krista Moon on January 12, 2018

You might think that understanding typography is only important for a graphic designer, but everyone uses fonts. In the business world, Executives and sellers frequently have to put together presentations, proposals, business plans, and more - and they don’t always have the luxury of having a graphic designer at the ready to help them.


Example of an Inbound Marketing Plan for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Posted by Krista Moon on January 7, 2018

Many of the people I talk to have a hard time visualizing an inbound marketing plan. They know that you need to do things like blogging, email marketing, and social media, but they don’t know how to put it all together or how much or how often they need to be doing these things. The following is an example of my ideal inbound marketing plan for a small to mid-size company.


What is Content?

Posted by Krista Moon on December 27, 2017

Here’s an analogy: The main reason you go to a networking event is to meet people and get to know them. You don’t sit in a corner by yourself checking emails on your phone with your head down (at least you shouldn’t be!). You’re working the room, introducing yourself to people and getting to know them by asking thought-provoking questions.


Does Social Media Really Help Drive Sales?

Posted by Krista Moon on December 8, 2017

Many people have doubts about whether or not social media can help drive sales. They think that “their prospects” aren’t on social media, that people don’t pay attention to things being posted there, or that it’s all about “what someone had for lunch.” The truth is that the Internet is full - almost too full - of awesome information. My daughter says that if it’s not on the Internet, it must not exist! She truly believes that.


How to Effectively Onboard a New Marketing Hire

Posted by Krista Moon on November 14, 2017

You're ready to take the leap and hire an outsourced marketing agency or internal hire to help advance your business growth to the next level. It's kind of a scary endeavor because if you're like most of the other companies I've talked to, you've been burned in the past. There is something about this new hire that intrigues you, but the last thing you want to do is waste more time and money. How can you ensure this time things will be different?


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