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[Video] 3 Things to Know Before You Connect With People On LinkedIn

 Krista Moon    November 8, 2013

One of the main reasons to be on LinkedIn is to develop a business network. It’s taking the rolodex concept to an entirely new level!

Once your LinkedIn profile is looking good, it’s time to start reaching out to people. Inviting them to connect is pretty easy, but there are 3 important things to know before you get started:

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[Video] Use LinkedIn to Build Rapport at a Meeting

 Krista Moon    November 8, 2013

Starting a meeting is always hard for me. I never know what to say to get things rolling and set the tone. It's always the same "How's it going?" boring mumbo jumbo. "It's raining here in Michigan, what's the weather like where you are?"

Who has time for that?

I've been known to just jump in to the meat of the meeting without building any rapport. My excuse is that "people are busy and don't have time for that." Unfortunately, not building rapport makes it much more difficult to make a strong connection with someone.

LinkedIn can help avoid the awkward first part of the meeting.

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[Video] Use LinkedIn to Get Your Name in Front of More People

 Krista Moon    November 7, 2013

In the marketing world, we talk about “reaching a larger audience”, “leveraging a new marketing channel”, or “expanding your reach”. But what in the world does that really mean?

Simply put: getting your name in front of more people.

If you want to grow your business, you need to get your name out there so people know who you are. There are two main strategies to do that:

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[Video] Grew a LinkedIn Group from 2,500 to 10K+ Members

 Krista Moon    October 30, 2013

Our client, Jill Konrath, author of two best-selling sales books, Selling to Big Companies and SNAP Selling, started a LinkedIn group called Fresh Sales Strategies back in August of 2008.

Her goal was to develop a community for salespeople to come together to share fresh ideas about what works in today’s selling environment.

When Moon Marketing joined forces with Jill to implement social media strategies in August of 2012, she had about 2500 group members. Not too bad! As part of our strategy development, we evaluated the return on investment in spending time developing an even stronger LinkedIn group. Here is what we discovered:

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[Video] How to Manage LinkedIn Endorsements

 Krista Moon    October 25, 2013

Are you annoyed with all those LinkedIn endorsements? Do you find that some of them don't relate to you at all?

In this video, I show you how to:

  • Edit what endorsements show up on your LinkedIn profile
  • Add and delete endorsements
  • Add the skills you really want people to endorse you for

I didn't really get endorsements at first, but now I'm starting to see the value, especially if you're actively managing them.

What is the value of LinkedIn endorsements? They showcase what OTHER people think you're good at and add credibility to what you say about own skills and expertise.

Watch the video to learn more.

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[Video] Examples of How to Create a Compelling LinkedIn Headline

 Krista Moon    October 25, 2013

If you want people to understand who you are and consider doing business with you, take time to think about your LinkedIn headline. Will it grab someone's attention, or is it indistinguishable?

Your LinkedIn headline is the first thing someone sees when they visit your profile or search for contacts. What I found out is that most people don't spend a lot of time thinking about what to put on their headline.

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[Video] Why You Need to Update Your LinkedIn Contact Info

 Krista Moon    October 25, 2013

Do you have your contact information on LinkedIn? Many people don't. It makes it much harder for people to reach out to you that way!

In this video I show you some tips about how to manage your own LinkedIn contact info, and your contacts contact info.

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[Video] Overhauling Your LinkedIn Profile? Turn Off Activity Broadcasts First

 Krista Moon    October 24, 2013

If you’re making major changes to your LinkedIn profile, you may want to consider turning off your broadcast notifications so every change doesn't show up on your activity feed. Here’s how to do it:

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[Video] Tips for Sharing Articles In LinkedIn Groups

 Krista Moon    October 21, 2013

Someone recently asked me some questions about sharing articles in LinkedIn groups.

It's important to note that sharing articles for your connections to see is different than sharing articles in LinkedIn groups.

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[Video] 3 Ways to Share On LinkedIn and Increase Your Activity

 Krista Moon    October 15, 2013

Having a LinkedIn profile and not doing anything with it is kind of like going to a party, standing in the corner and not talking to anyone. Sometimes, not participating looks worse than if you weren’t there to begin with.

One way to get more active on LinkedIn is to share articles and information with your contacts. If people like the kind of stuff you post, they’ll start paying attention to you more.

There’s another cool thing that happens when you start sharing on LinkedIn. As you regularly scroll through your home page feed to find articles to share, you’ll start getting to know your own contacts better - which makes it easier to reach out to them for collaboration!

This video shows you 3 ways you can share on LinkedIn and start joining the conversation.

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